How to Build a Portfolio Website From Scratch- A Handy Guide

Important points to consider before starting a portfolio website

  • Always include the best work that you have done before.
  • You must be sure to showcase your work to your client before they contact you and provide your work samples accordingly.
  • Will your sample still work in the future, or you need to improve the design more to make that sample work.
  • You have to be specific about your skillset and mention only those skills you will work with in the future. If you are a web designer, then there’s no need to mention anything about your freelance writing skill if you’re not looking to offer this service any longer.

Step 1: Select the best Web hosting site

Step 2: WordPress installation

softaculous app installer
wordpress icon in softaculous

Step 3. Install Theme according to your needs

Astra portfolio theme
add theme

Create a portfolio website Using Divi Theme

Step 4: Customize the Header section

divi header

Step 5:Build a portfolio section

divi portfolio
wedding photo portfolio

Step 6: Create an about me section

about us page divi

Step 7:Create a Contact from

divi contact form





Web hosting expert and crawfish connoisseur. Founder and CEO of IO Zoom.

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Kiet Duong

Kiet Duong

Web hosting expert and crawfish connoisseur. Founder and CEO of IO Zoom.

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