Understanding Self-Managed and Managed VPS Hosting

Fully Managed VPS

Benefits of a Fully Managed VPS

  • Server Maintenance — The hosting provider makes sure that the server is running properly and there are no technical issues that might cause your website to crash. If for some reason, a glitch or technical issue does happen, the provider will also take care of fixing and troubleshooting it for you.
  • Updates — Updating the software or hardware used in the server is also something that the hosting provider will oversee on a fully managed hosting plan. These updates are crucial to keeping your website running optimally.
  • System Monitoring — Traffic spikes are a normal occurrence on websites owned by businesses, especially if they have special promotions running. Your hosting provider will also pay close attention to these traffic spikes and ensure that your website can handle increased traffic at peak times without crashing.
  • Security — Fully managed VPS accounts are constantly checked by the hosting provider for weak points on the site as well as malware, spyware, and suspicious activity. They also make sure that your files are constantly monitored and backed up on a regular basis.

Self-Managed VPS

Benefits of a Self-Managed VPS

  • Customization — You can basically install any software you want and have complete control over who can access your information and when.
  • Price — Of course, self-managed VPS is a lot cheaper than a fully managed one since you won’t be paying the host to do anything for you except give you the server space.
  • Security — You’ll be in charge of the levels of security on a self-managed VPS. If you feel like you need to beef up on your security programs and applications, then you are free to do so on a self-managed server.





Web hosting expert and crawfish connoisseur. Founder and CEO of IO Zoom.

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Kiet Duong

Kiet Duong

Web hosting expert and crawfish connoisseur. Founder and CEO of IO Zoom.

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